Poets, Philosophers & Priests

At first, one man told Life:  “Let me out of here,” then realized that his mind was in fact the only performer who could take off his vest without removing his jacket.  In a world of determinable dimensions, it seems impossible that anything could turn itself inside-out, but don’t bet the Studebaker on it.  Where do you think the extraordinary comes from and disappears to anyway?



One man had two places to sit –
but he didn’t like either one of them.



POETS:  Serious Idiots:  “Equal time – oh, wherefore art thou – equal time!”

PHILOSOPHERS:  The seriously serious.

PRIESTS:  The idiotically serious.

ARTISTS:  The non-serious,

But poets are still the “Serious Idiots”!

“Come back – little idiot!”

“I’ve always relied on the kindness of the serious.”

“Bubble, bubble – toil and trouble, equal times will cook me alive.”

POETS:  The End.



And now this Feature:
 “How the Normal Care and Feeding of the Mind, can Lead to an Expansion Of Consciousness” – but first this message regarding how to stuff a tomato to the point that it’ll turn into a pumpkin. 



Is there anyone who can prove that there’s an actual struggle between the quantities-of-the-mind, and the quality-of-consciousness?



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