Talking About It

A lad asked his Dad: “How come some people are smarter than others?”
And Papa replied:  “Have you ever heard of the ‘Serious Meter’?”

One day a boy asked his father:  “How come some people are more fun than others?”
And the old man replied:  “Have you ever heard of the ‘Dumb Index’?”

And one later day, a young man asked himself:  “Is there a connection in here somewhere that I could be missing?”



There’s two sides of this kinda stuff:
Talking about it – and Doing It.
One of them seems to be more attractive than the other.



One man concocted a private, mental alarm system to warn him whenever he was lapsing into a regular state of consciousness.  Only problem is that whenever he’s in such a state, the alarm doesn’t work.

 A viewer asks:
“Do you literally mean that the alarm then doesn’t work, or that he forgets to put it in use?”
(Is anyone here going to try and tell us that there’s a difference!?)



Yet another way that Life protects the innocent from hearing extraordinary ideas at those times, when they may not simply find them ridiculous, is to make them take them pessimistically.  Hey, after all, who’s going to chase “Bad News”?  Well…who but the sane and ordinary!?



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