Alligator Hair

After having visited the place once or twice, a man thought, “Now I know where the place is, and I know which vehicle will take me there, my only question now is, ‘How to get the thing cranked up any time I want to’?”  (Whe-e-e! – what a question!  Remember folks, I don’t write ‘em – I just read ‘em!  Or, for you people on an alternate wave length, I don’t read ‘em – I just write ‘em.  Ah-h-h – what a reminder!)



Civilization Wrung-Out Again and Hung Up To Dry For Your Examining Convenience:
Men wear suits so their alligator hair won’t show.



One man said, “Sometimes I don’t know where I am, but being around others who don’t also helps a lot.”  As the children skipped on one foot, and periodically sank – they sang:

“Helps a lot,
Thanks a lot,
We cast our lot
with the suits and ties.”

(But what choice have the innocent?  Screw illusionary choices for a second time.)




Operational Definition as per The Way Some People Live Their Lives:
Books:  An excuse for lack of effort.



“Boy, Estelle – did you hear what he just said about readin’ – boy, I’m sure glad he didn’t get into the matter of talkin’!”


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