Fake Fireplaces

One man says:

“You know, sometimes I can go all day and not actually make any effort to push my consciousness beyond the ordinary verbal level.  I’m not bragging when I tell you this, I’m actually ashamed, although even that’s hard to explain – seeing how no one knows I’m not but me.”



The two basic time zones on this planet are: 
Survival and Post-Survival.
The body runs on one – the mind on the other.



Life told one man:

“Okay, I’ll make a deal with you – I’ll give you your choice:  you can either be effected by everything or just by one thing.  Which will it be, twinkle-breath?”  (The man asked me to ask you people if you could help him out in this.  Screw illusionary choices.)



One man had a bad disease, but dreaming of the place where everything was unnaturally still, and from where you could see everything – cured him.  Actually going there – really cured him!



Some Spiritual Warmth and Assurance from Some City Dwellers by way of a Definition:

Religion:  Fake fireplaces for sham chills.



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