Squeaky Wheel

One guy says, “I originally thought that I was a metaphor for all mankind.  Then I thought I was a metaphor for just myself.  And later I believed I was a metaphor for what all men might be; but now I’m just satisfied to be able to stand here and tell you all this.” 



What better advertisement than this could there be for the:

Majesty of Mountains,

The Beauty of Birds,

The Charm of the Seasons,

And the Mind with Its Reasons.



The mind is not a mere merry-go-round if consciousness is the end of the ride.



One man caught a rat in a trap, but when he looked at it closely, it said, “I’m no rat – I’m a squirrel.”  And when he examined it even closer, it said:  “I’m no squirrel – I’m your mind.”  And he said, “Hold it – let’s go back to the rat part.”



A philosopher without a job is like a squeak looking for a wheel.




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