Snoops Deserve a Surprise

After seeing a would-be mystical book with the title, “The Resurrection Of The Body,” one man died from the exertion of his subsequent laughter.



One day when he thought his neighbors were spying on him again, this one man began leaping about madly, as he loudly sang:
 “Rip off your clothes,
Throw down your pants,
Ring up your uncles,
Call out the marines.”

He says that snoops deserve a surprise now and then, and his mind asked, “So why not do as much for me!”



Alleged Fact:

No one likes a smart aleck mind.

Alleged Counter Fact:

Yes they do…they just don’t know what to do with it.



One guy pretended that everything happened to everybody else.
(Does anyone catch the brief aroma of a potentially “Smoking Weapon” here?)



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