Cracks in the Ceiling

One interested party finally reflected to himself, “Why starve the body to calm the mind, is there not, perchance – a more direct approach!?”




A useful tip, via definition, for those forced to take an apartment here for the next few years:

Learned morality: Cracks in the ceiling.




Though certainly never noticed, the purpose behind most ordinary conversation is the attempt by one person to give another person’s mind something to think about.




During times of chill, one man would fill the holes in his teeth with silicone weather-stripping so as to keep the wind out of his brain.




Mundane mystics run the reoccurring risk of trying to catch a rat, while believing that they must first let one in, from without.  One man said to himself, “If I need your help, I’ll ask for it,” and had no response for himself.



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