Either Do It, or Shut Up!

Just as being more conscious is a private affair, so’s everything else. The true slaying of the ego, (so often spoken of by man), refers not to the vanity of the body, but the prejudice of the mind.




More treptivating trivia:

One of the hardest things to do
 is to make what ordinary people say
sound important.




Encouragement for those who don’t want to make any additional effort:

The mind is a dangerous weapon – as long as you live in a vat of peanut butter.




A father said to his son, “Even stupid children are cute to their mothers, which is why you eventually gotta’ become your own parents to escape it.”




After years of mentally dreaming, plotting, and stumbling in the general direction of some increased consciousness, one man finally said to his mind, “Either do it or just shut up about it!”




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