Everybody Stops Too Soon

In mid-step, a man stopped and thought, “We know what everyone else is waiting for, but what’s holding up a more conscious man….where is he?  What time is it…when will I get here?”


Everybody always stops too soon.

Math to cause wrath (I was gonna say, “logic” instead of “math”, but nothing rhymes with it):

Only man takes drugs that he makes;
Only man has the mind capable of making drugs;
Only man, having a mind, feels the need to make drugs.
The normal human nervous system is a wondrous thing,
It culminates at the top end either at a bed, a buffet, a church, or liquor store,
or even someplace else…if you can make your own drugs,
and never get caught at it.

“Daddy, are certain drugs a lot like being more conscious?”
“Yes son, that and everything else.”

What can always be useful in attempting to, “boost the juice and expand the spark” is a good dose of fear, and some good old brute force.

Being serious is no crime – taking it seriously is!


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