Rats, Diapers & Mystics

There are still many marvelous things a closed system can do, but sitting in its own lap, in a wet diaper, is not one of them.  A man of independent mental means can afford extended connotations for such concepts as: rats, diapers, mystics, and systems.




The herd-conscious civilized believe that a man’s character is his highest point, while a clear mind knows otherwise.  If behavior was the gateway to space, all of the guilty would be in orbit.





An explorer with extraordinary binoculars shouldn’t focus in on just one stable, verbal sight.





And here’s an update to a musical story we covered earlier:

Life contacted me to say that while it’s true that man’s main theme song is: “That’s Life,” Life’s is: “I did it my way.”




Wrapping his arm parentally around the little nipper’s neck, one father walked with his young son to the very edge of the high cliff, overlooking the city –  to their collective fellowman, local reality itself.  And as they gazed out across the wide sight that lay before them, the old man said to the lad, “Son, if you think life’s dumb, just wait till you get a look at you.”  The sun then leisurely began to set, as they both just stood there.




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