Call It Anything You Want

A man asked a genie, “If I gave you one wish, which would I want to be; lurid and merry, curious and sappy, or just be me and still feel crappy?”  (And damn if the fairy didn’t not know!)

One man said to his current “personal self,” “Sometimes I think you’re nothing but pretention!” And it replied: “Hey, heads up — talk about your, ‘boy genius’!”

The News and More:

Headline: “Musicians from Five States, (including, intoxicated), Are Expected to Attend.”
Analysis: certain expectations themselves can prove disappointing.

Another way to keep from being more conscious:

As long as you believe you’re lost, you’ll use up most of your time trying to get back home.
(Hey, don’t thank me – it was either tell you that or shoot you.)

And now – this note:

Men can call it anything they want to, but a consciousness that is not independent of thought is not the one that I am talking about.


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