I Came to Praise the Mind

Striving for a more up-beat view, one guy offers this observation, “I guess life really likes man – or else, why would it have made him so uncertain and confused!?”

There is only one surety and that is:  the consciousness of a conscious man.

A man reflected, “The problem is that my mind stays in a rut.” (“Hell sir, the mind is a rut!  Yes, students – the mind is a terrible thing to waste, unless it’s your mind, and you realize how much valuable time you’ve already wasted on it!”)

Becoming conscious anew is at once evolution and revolution, in that it involves both a forward linearity and an upward spiraling.

Even if being more conscious is an illusion, it’s no worse than the ordinary state of illusion.

Soon after birth, all ambulatory creatures begin to search for three things:  food, sex and a safe place to rest.  Man seeks a fourth, and not only can he not find it – he doesn’t even know what he’s looking for.  Pulling his toga together about him to block the chill of the wind, he gazed out across the steps and thought, “Curious, I came to praise the mind, but now seem bent on slaying it.”  (Have you been listening?)


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