The Undescribed Job

All things are simple and separate, except that they reside in a complex, correlated reality.



Trying to find something worthwhile to do with the mind is the undescribed job everyone is born into.



The frontiers of an individual’s consciousness are normally whatever the boundaries of the collective’s are.  A man in hunger for a desperate hobby heard that, nodded, but then declared, “Screw the speed limits, driver – full throttle ahead!”



Truth is life will let you get by with a lot – as long as there’s just one of you. 
Say, is there just one of you? – There is of a conscious man.



Whenever this one man wanted to be more conscious – then thoughtful, he’d glance in the general direction of his head and softly croon, “Oh Vanessa, don’t you hear me calling you.”


 Fred CoxComment

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