Notes Re The Mind

Conversation ‘Twixt a Father and a Son:

“A man with a ‘chip-on-his-shoulder’ can be misunderstood.”
“You mean as in, ‘mistaking-the-tumor-for-the-man’?”



Additional Dialogue:

“Hair styles come and go, but what can be said positively about fashion criticism in general?”

How about: “Someone tell those girls doing the evening wear collection that I said to get out on the runway this very instant!”  (Being extremely human makes it extremely easy to take metaphor for the material, and allegory for an off-the-shoulder-gown – clown.)



Even More Benefits Noted and Quoted:

A man who writes his own material can be his own critic, and can then tell himself to “go to hell,” without having to write a letter or make a call.



More Notes Regarding the Mind:

All thought is confusing, in that,
it never actually “goes” anywhere.



Seriousness by the ordinary is proof of their stupidity.



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