Shade Tree Mechanic

Until you truly realize that Life itself is alive, nothing makes much sense – especially man.



Two men were talking and the first one said:

“Sometimes I think you know more than you tell me about.” 
And the second replied, “It’s possible.”
And the first one said, “Then why don’t you share it with me?”
And the second one asked, “Are you positive it would do you any good?”
And the first one replied, “No, but it wouldn’t cost you anything to try.”

At which point the second man responded, “If I had a very special food that nourished me as did no other, and was in limited supply, and you did not know it would truly benefit you or not, would you ask me for some?”



Life contacted me to say that it particularly enjoyed the item, the other evening, concerning the man who began referring to himself as, “Hey, You Cheap Whore,” since he said that’s what life would end up calling him anyway.  Life said it, “enjoyed it” – nothing else.



Words cannot ultimately “explain themselves,” which, strange as it may sound, is their singular strength.



Another Driving Tip from the “Shade Tree Mechanic of the Mind”:

It is those who believe they can “do better” who can’t.



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