Safe Travels

A man thought, “The mind is like a time bomb, but surprisingly to me, it turns out that the worst part about it is not the potential explosion, but simply the fact that I can’t stop it from ticking.”

One nice thing about being an ordinary human attempting an extraordinary, personal intellectual feat, is that no other ordinary person can help you with it, nor can anyone hurt you either.  (Unless, of course, you were dumb enough to ever let them know what it is that you’re up to.)

A Caution for Word Warriors:

If you call something, “extraordinary,” it no longer is!  So don’t call it anything, and let it go on with its wondrous business.

As he sat, a man thought, “Anyone fortunate enough to have friends should also be wise enough not to ever mentally ‘man-handle’ them – that is, not verbally talk about them in his own mind.”   Now as you sit, why don’t you think on this one: what if you could take this approach to the apparently “friendly, natural thoughts” you seem to have been born with?  Alternately put, what if you discontinued your struggle with the genetic past and gave your attention over to an unactualized future?

After he traveled far and well for some length of time, a certain man stopped long enough to consider, “Between where I left, and where I head, is there no ‘middle-ground’?”  And upon further thought, mused, “But, ah – perhaps there is not even any ‘ground’!”  (Many, we might suspect, are stopped from attempting space travel based on their specious conception as to what actually constitutes space.) 


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