Advice, Give or Take

Man was not constructed to take advice, but rather give it; which is precisely why he has more speech equipment than hearing.



Anyone who will tell you how man is constructed, either doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or else is a jokester. 

“Daddy, couldn’t they have given us more choices than those two!?”
“Yes son, they could, but a lot of good it would do.”



Your question for the day, Mr. Gulps, should you decide to accept it, is:

“Within a closed, healthy system, how can there be stupidity, or anything in conflict with the system’s own best-interest?”  If you cannot answer this, Mr. Gulping-Harder, within sixty five years, you will, of course, like everyone else, self-destruct.  (If, of course, you will forgive me, as always, for incorrectly adding “self” to the term “destruct”…but after all, I know what you’re accustomed to hearing.)



Author’s Inside “Aside”:

Those of you taking careful notes may observe how cleverly –  and by-god, humanely –  I will oftimes stick on a bit of foolishness at the end of an item that might otherwise prove too upsetting, if left standing as initially put.  Life, the Goddess of Tact, and my cousin Leo, make me do this.  Who makes you?”



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