The Mind Will Discuss Anything

Physics Beyond the Mere Physical:

Heat is produced by the effort to be more human, alive and conscious. 

And thus be we led to that hum, not quite dead, that flows from a graveyard survey; (to wit and entitled): “Sun, Sun, Should Thou Still Shineth On Me…At This Late Date?”  (To wit and writ):  “Those laid in the shade, may have it made.” “Heaven was never like this,” said one man, then thought, “But neither again was this!”

Combination Notation Regarding The Marvelous Defensive Mechanisms Of The Mind Along With Observations Pertaining To The Extreme Difficulty In Attempting To Ever Effect Change Therein:  The mind will discuss anything with you…for as long as you like!  (Yes, that’s right, including, “you-know-what!”)

“Daddy, are we a lot like the caption to an informative piece regarding man?”

“Well, son, we’re certainly not totally dis-similar.”

“Gee, Dad, that’s close enough for me.”

“Same here son, in fact, ‘same here’ with everybody.”

Employment News:

The greater your dependence on the salary and sustenance of the city, the more likely you are to be anxious and antsy.  (Nothing amiss here, this is how life wants it, question being; “Are you gonna put up with it!? “But,” said a man named Flambet, “What, if I screw around and get fired?”  And right there, I submit to you, is a perfect example of sustainableness.)


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