Serious Conversation

Serious Conversation:

That which, at times, can prove to be
an intellectual dance of life and death.



There was this one man who only took one person seriously, and that was himself, and he kept that a secret!



Video Game For A Mud Pie Age, (or Something Similar):

Okay, put your finger on the trigger and Let’s Play!  Which would be more fun?

       To start out dumb and then get smart,
Or start out smart and then get smarter?

Addendum:  When in doubt about it, skip the addendum!



A man said, “Seems to me that the more you think the more you have to think.”

And a friend said, “Doesn’t sound like you mean that in a positive sense.”

And the man replied, “You’re right, I don’t.”

And his friend said, “Perhaps you have the wrong concept of ‘thinking’!?”

And the man rubbed his chin and said, “Hmmm, maybe your right.”



Many will put their heart where their hiney is, but how many will their head!?


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