Sail On!

Myth In G Major:  Listing #222:

Initially, originally, in-the-beginning even, the mind asked man if he’s like to “go on a trip,” and ever since then…well, you know how it’s been – ever since then!




All serious warnings, except for those regarding health, are a joke! (And even those are suspect).




Spatial Reality Reconsidered:

Are “higher states of consciousness” actually “higher,” or, radically lateral!?




Nautical News You Shouldn’t Refuse:

A man holding an anchor doesn’t want anyone else to go anywhere.




So pondered one mind, “Is what we attempt, the actualization of man’s ‘noblest potentials’ or of his ‘modest’ ones?”  One with the Blessed Itch doesn’t care which – he couldn’t care or differentiate if he wanted to.  If you’re just gonna end up ordinary anyway, it’s probably better just to go ahead and start that way to begin with.




When men were given minds, it was as though they were set out to sail upon a sea of wondrous possibilities – in boats ablaze.  Though the mind is in charge of reason, you can’t reason with it.  Dancing with yourself is no sin – not realizing it is; and the church sang out, “Let the boats sail on, the burning boats – sail on!”


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