What Keeps Us In Line?

A man striving to be more conscious and mentally alive holds not just a season ticket to frustration, but by god – box seats!



 A man stops to wonder, “How comes it that you can enjoy hearing something that actually should sound pessimistic!?”  The difference between something that sounds like an obstacle, and understanding what it really is, is the distinction between ordinary thought and increased consciousness.



 And yet another man notes, “Are you sure that even the term, ‘Increased Consciousness’ sufficiently describes the aim of such effort as this!?”  (No sir, it does not – but we’ve been through this, now haven’t we!)



A civilized gent mused:

“The mind being linear is what keeps us in line.”
(If words don’t mean more than they say, then neither do men.)



 The “Official: Question of The Day”:

Do people, in truth, know where they’ve been or, in fact, know where they’re going!?

(Forget the prizes!  Forget the hostesses in low cut gowns!  The game will forever go on just as long as there are questions!)
A man mused, “What if people actually know more than they think they do? 
His house cat promptly assured him, “Naw-w-w!”



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