How It Is – Redux

Hey!  Hold-Up – How About This – “Here’s How It Is” From Yet Another Angle:

When it comes to matters fancy and esoteric, here’s how it works:  everybody knows everything about everything they want to know everything about.  (Well, at least anger gives the mind something to do!  Have you ever seen a camel drumming his fingers in boredom!?)



Take A Number – Take A Seat:

Aches and pains,
Aches and pains,
I’ve got feelings and,
I’ve got brains.”

Take a Number – Take A Seat.



One man tried to make it a habit never to mentally fly on any plane that he couldn’t highjack.



Cheap men worry about the price; really cheap men worry about what cheap men will think.



“The mind has nothing to lose” – think about that:  “The mind has nothing to lose.”  If true, what should that tell you about what it originally possesses!?



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