How It Is

Thus did one man reflect, “Based upon my many ornamentations; I consider myself a ‘baroque masterpiece.’”  And his mind spoke up, “Baroque – baroque, did you say – are you spelling that, ‘b-r-o-k-e’!?”

How It Is:
Mystics believe it’s more complicated than it is,
While ordinary people don’t know what it is.
And that’s how it is.

Honor:  A kind of post-survival approach to survival.

A man asked a thinker, a striver-for-greater-consciousness, this question:  “Is it pay-off of what you work for, a spiritual experience?” 
And the thinker nodded.
“Then,” continued the man; “Is it also a psychological one?” 
Again the striver nodded.
“Alright,” pressed the questioner, “Is the experience artistic?” 
Nod, nod, went the thinker.
“Then is it emotional?” 
Nod-on, nod-on, nodded the thinker.
“So then,” asked the man, “Is it also intellectual?”
And the one doing the nodding finally spoke, “Just how long do you have to keep this up?”

There is no honor among the unconscious.


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