If We Knew The Truth

Life announced to some guys, “Those ‘moderately successful’ will be permitted to ‘moderately perish.’  Those who in fact know whether life ever speaks in slang or not, actually know a good deal.”  And a gentleman inquires, “Do you mean that such men, ‘know a good deal,’ or that they ‘know a good deal when they see it’?”



One man said, “A reality that neither whines nor roars is the reality for me.”  (Pause)

And reality replied, “When wilt thou open thine eyes and see things as they actually be – oh, ye two-legged, upright creature, ‘homo chumpo’!”  (Pause Number Two)

One man said, “Okay, a perception of reality that neither whines nor roars – there’s the perception for me!” 

And kindly reality sagely nodded its smiling head.  (No More Pauses at This Time.)



Everyone believes that they should be a different person, but what if the actual challenge is to just become a person!?



Proposed City Motto For One Imaginary Metropolis:

“If we knew the truth, we could tell the truth – if we knew the truth, we could shut up.”



The moon of one local liver was talking to several of the meteorites around a certain brain and noted, “Being cute is being crass, and life told me to kiss my ass.”  His conversational companion interrupted, “Don’t you mean to say that life told you to kiss its’ ass – it makes no sense the way you said it.”  And the hepatic satellite replied, “I know, that’s what I said, but life insisted that I had once again, ‘missed the point’, and I didn’t really wanna push the matter, lest it tell me something even worse – if you know what I mean!?”  And his buddy nodded, “Hey, tell me about it!”



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