Your Mind is Your Friend – Not

No matter your expectations, and no matter how it seems that things, “ought to be,” there are no conditions possible under which the collective will ever mount a campaign against stagnation.



Item:  Believe It Or Breathe Into A Burlap Bag:

In lands where it’s lumpy, “It’s the status quo that makes things go.”



Notice To All Players:

So long as you continue to “sit at the table and take up space,” do not waste the dealer’s time by interrupting him to say; “But that’s not possible!”



A Man’s Mind Is Either His Friend or It’s Not; (That’s the title of this item):

A man’s mind is his friend – if you don’t believe it, just ask it – humph!
A man’s mind is not his friend – if you don’t believe it, just ask him.



A Question; (That’s the heading of this bit):

Why doesn’t sarcasm, cynicism, and irony work on children!?!




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