The Real Deal

See – Here’s The Real Deal:  If life can keep you critical, it can keep you in line.

See – Here’s The Real Deal:  If life can keep you thinking, it can keep you in line.

Okay – The Real, Double Deal:  If life keeps you alive, you’ll stay in line.

Author’s “Truth-In-Advertising” Footnote:  Those determined to be more alive and human won’t accept any of this.  (Hmmm, so, “suddenly you’re there, and then you’re not,” eh?)



Good talk
 is good music.



Upon hearing that last item as man wanted to inquire:
“Would it not be more literarily kosher to have said that, ‘Good talk is like good music’?”
But you should know that oftimes all that stands between plain-thought and point-blank-talk is similes or metaphor, or some other “words.”




One man, long involved with trying to escape the gravity of the collective condition, finally came up and said, “The trouble with man is that he is too serious, and the trouble with people like us is that we’re even more ‘too serious’.”  (This gave him such a jolt that he began to countdown all over again.)



Okay, McNeil, grab the wheel, I’m gonna lay on ya, the final deal.  You can be happy or not as addicted to emotions, or you can struggle to bring consciousness under extraordinary, unnecessary control – what a chance, what an offer, your trade-in’s worth more than you thought!


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