Dumb and Dumber

To be more alive, human and conscious, you’ve got to be able to dance only with yourself, and no one else be aware of it – and, oh yeah, do it with no audible music.  One man thought, “God, I’m happy whenever I’m not either happy or not!”



Here’s A Little Something You Might Can Use:
One way to be smarter than everyone else is to be dumber than everyone else, but – (and here’s the most important part) – you can’t tell anyone.



One guy’s secret cry:

“I am a radio station – out of control!”



Article From The “Real Warrior’s Handbook of Honorable Conduct”:

If you’re alive and ordinary, you’re collaborating with the enemy.



Even a hippo, sufficiently plagiarized, will finally fall.



This is the only kind of trip where you’re suddenly there, and then you’re suddenly not.



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