Remember Thoughts For What They Are

I urge you to try and abandon all concern for thought and the mind.  Don’t struggle with them; don’t look at them – don’t even think about them.  Cause yourself to be, remind yourself to be, non-verbally “aware” (in some weird kind of “awareness” in quotation marks), that you are always being run, directed and controlled by feelings – not by any thoughts you may be having.



It is not to become a hypochondriac of some type constantly fretting over the latest mole.  It is having awareness that feelings are all you are intent to notice. 



When you discover your own way of doing this, you’ll experience an immediate freedom from the annoyance you feel being apparently a captive of your thoughts: the classic image of an enlightened man as totally un-emotional.



Fasting and single-food diets are unrecognized efforts to stabilize feelings, so as to indirectly have a calming, stabilizing effect on thinking.  Celibacy, silent men urged to “control” their “out of control” thoughts, even to eradicate them, is foolish and impossible.



Rather than staying at the place of continually and futilely fighting thoughts as being the real problem, recognize and remember them for what they are.  This alone, by this stage of the game, should give all of you a brand new, highly refreshing experience.


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