Shadow Thoughts – Holiday Edition

Those with an interest in this sort of activity have been forever assured that they need to have a mind that is “Free of preferences” to ever achieve enlightenment.  And yet no such mind is possible, for the thoughts a man normally has have an emotional past for him, (or else he wouldn’t be having them).



All feelings, (passions-of-the-body you might say), are preferential, which is their purpose.  And since all thoughts are simply mental notations of some feeling, they too will always be preferential, biased and prejudiced.



According to this model it is not sufficient to forever just “study the mind” – you need to go deeper into the subject to get to the “bottom-of-the-mind,” which brings you face to face with “feelings.”  It is feelings that are at the bottom of the mind – not any other “secret.”



The voice you hear in your head is not the sound of your “mind,” but is rather the noise of your emotions sounding in your brain. 



Thoughts are like a shadow
speaking for an un-speaking object.



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