You Think What You Feel – Holiday Edition

Throughout the history of this sort of thing, those interested have been told that to “wake up” to what’s really going on, you must “understand the mind.”  And the study of the mind is indeed the best you can do to start with, but is ultimately the lamest, for the sole source of all things that fill the mind are our feelings, emotions and passions.  A man’s thoughts are not a statement of what he thinks, but of what he feels.



To take the mind seriously is to take a reading from a seismograph for an earthquake.  Consciousness is charged with registering and remembering the activities of feeling.



Feelings are constant monitoring the state of the organism and its environment; thoughts are their readings put into manipulable, abstract forms…(words, images). 



Based on this model, thoughts are not actual “things” in and of themselves, but are just registrations of feelings, which are supremely real and responsible for our survival.



When the mind is not specifically and consciously engaged in problem solving pertinent to your survival, it is a mechanical device which re-runs, reaffirms, and refreshes our memory of previous, profitable responses to challenging situations.  Thus “day dreams” can be viewed as the mind “staying in shape,” to make quick, beneficial decisions whenever the feelings, passions of our total organism are in need of same.



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