Life Makes Sense

A certain thinker was once accused of not being “sincere” in his periodical, emotional displays of friendship, and he replied, “That’s correct, but I am also not insincere.”  Now the question is – do you get it?



Here’s How the Tune Goes:

Life makes sense –
It is man who can’t make sense out of Life.



The Street Corner Commentator Declared:

“If fate had wanted us to be any different than we are, she’d have made us different.”

And a man stopped and said:

“But she did make me different from you.”

And he received the reply:

“Well – there you are!”

And the man went on down to the bakery, as he had originally planned.



Human Institutions:  Faux punchlines – in search of out dated set-ups.
“Gimme two muffins and a bismark.”



A Truly Energy-Saving Tip That Almost No Human Will Ever Use:

Thinking about anything that anyone else has already thought about is worse than a waste of time – it is a hypnotic glue.  Just as the cattle police were prepared to storm the building, a voice from within shouted, “I’m warning you!  I’m in a trance and I know how to use it!” (Don’t we all,  Elsie – don’t we all.)



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