The Mind Latches On

Alright, if you’ll all calm down, and we can get all of the contestants back on stage, we’ll announce the finalists: 
The Second Runner Up is the man who wouldn’t take no for an answer,
The Third Runner Up is the man who wouldn’t take yes for an answer,
And our winner is – the man who wouldn’t take reality as an answer.



The mind wants something to latch onto,
but are you gonna’ let it latch on to you!?



“So,” said a man, “Are we to then consider the normal knowledge of the mind to be a little more ‘Socratic irony’!?”



In a land where “no knowledge” can pass for “quite adequate knowledge,” where will civilization and routine men be found?  (“Is that all, Sir?  May we go home now?”)



The official city Sculptor and ad hoc Corner-And-Rough-Edge-Chiseler states: “No man with attributes shall ever possess a daughter of mine.”



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