Big Business

Just being alive makes some people wish they were dead.  Yet another unnotated example of why such things as Psychology and Neurosurgery remain more popular than plain-talk and point-blank-thought.



In the private, personal market place of the individual thinker – “big business” is not necessarily good business.



Once men had concluded that they’d never be as good as they thought they should be, they said, “Hey, let’s come up with myths, heroes and the idea of gods!”  Those who don’t understand man, condemn man.



Life wants most men to be civilized and to take life seriously.  Life wants – okay, it allows a few to take it even more seriously, then finally, not seriously at all.  (Life told me I could say this – okay Life made me say it!  Oh, alright, I just said it while Life wasn’t looking!)  Remember shoppers – no one speaks for Life but Life, and we are its lips and tongue.  Yuck-a-rama!



Attention:  A man named Harold Cheapskate is looking for people to invest in his ideas.  You’ll have no difficulty finding him, he has the same phone number as you.



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