Words and Reality

An explorer discovered a most unusual mountain, but it was covered with a slippery veneer that made a lengthy stay near impossible; and more difficult yet was trying to describe the place to others.



How Physical Reality And Words Work Together, Or More:

The report stated that the victim has been stabbed almost three times. Why let reality fall prey to such an attack!?



Is To:

Science is to art as,

Thinking is to consciousness.

Art is to science as,

Thinking is to consciousness.

Cooking is to sewing as,

Thinking is to consciousness, and,

Driving a cab is to thinking as,

Being dead is to consciousness.

And no more needs to be said on the matter…at this time.



Well, Okay– Maybe One More Thing Could Be Said:

One of the truly distinguishing facets of man is his ability, after hearing about something and discovering that he can’t do it, to immediately begin offering to instruct others in its exercise.



A man eating a drop-stitched cobbler, paused in mid-bite and pondered, “Why do so many of the observations possible to be made concerning man, end up sounding so critical?”  He then burnt his tongue, cursed, threw down his pie, and stormed off, looking for Captain Irony…or, Cynicism, The Boy-Wonder.



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