On The Eighth Day

At times when he obviously didn’t know what he was doing, one man would say to himself, “Maybe you had a mini-stroke – perhaps you have a tumor – or could it be, that all is as it should be, and you just oughta quit talking to yourself.”



Bacteriologist’s Bandage:

Dr. Petri gazed at his reflection in the dish and cooed:  “After they made the mold, they for some reason threw you in with the deal.”



Myths:  Distractions to keep kids from fretting over having lost the bus schedule.
(“Hey, maybe they ate it.”)



And on the eighth day, (just before he was gonna take a short break), fate made ellipses and parentheses…(who later went on to capture the Mixed Doubles crown).


 Oh, Myths where is thy sting – now that the sting has been removed?  But several people opined that such an action was not, perhaps, necessarily salubrious.  Oh, People – oh ye several people, wherefore art they sting?! 

“Everywhere master…everywhere.”

Yet one more reason they won’t allow children on space craft, nor rockets inside of adults.


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