The Mind as Perceived by the Mind

A man thought: “My mind is like an always open ballroom – inside of me – to which I was never formally invited.”



Humor that is anecdotally based is always personal and local, and thus too limited to actually be funny or informative.



Overheard at the coffee shop:
“If men realized just how mechanical all of life, including their intellectual one, really is – would they continue to make effort?”
“Nay – the better question is:  even with such new understanding, what additional choices would they then have?!”



Note: The above verbal byplay does not represent the concept of “determinism” at its most harsh and unyielding, nor at its most vague and theoretical – it simply represents it.



The human mind – as perceived by the human mind – is this reality’s sole effect that has no stable cause, or else is its only cause that has no idea of its own power and potential…either way, a singular, modern exhibit in an otherwise, staid museum.



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