Truth in Definitions Time

Civil Definition Time:

A Mystic:  A dumb man who just won’t admit it.

Okay, Truth Time:

A Mystic: An otherwise ordinary man who just can’t bear the fact.

Truth, Truth, Oh Careless Truth:

A Mystic:  A Grizzly bear attempting to fly, who still has trouble climbing trees.

Truth, Truth, Oh Heartless Truth:

Fact:  Originally, everyone was dumb and enjoyed climbing trees.

Fact-Fact:  Basically, we’re all still ordinary and still irritated by it.

Fact-Fact-Fact:  A bear’s-not-a-bear’s-not-a-dazzling-bear who doesn’t dream of sprouting wings.

P.S. Men only trip whey they’re out of town – you heard me correctly:

naked bears never stumble.


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