The pressure of being on one side or the other can be near unbearable.
(Plus, darn near necessary – if you know what I mean.)



And this letter to The News:

“I am disturbed by a comment you made the other night that having a pet was like the ‘supreme domination trip,’ and I thought perhaps you misspoke, and would care to either correct this, or elaborate further.  Sincerely, Rover.”  (“P.S.  Guess who made we write this!!”)



Man: The only form of DNA that rhythmically and consistently improves itself.



A small gentleman spoke up:  “I have a small brain, and I’d like to believe.”



Not only does the secondary world make secondary things seem more important than they are, but it is also responsible for doing the same with primary ones as well.



Over that way, a man thought:  “Trying to ‘hold down expenses’ doesn’t amount to much if you’re going to live longer than:  Hormones wanna dance, muscles wanna run, and neurons love to go, ‘hmmm.’”  (The true and correct cerebral rebel doesn’t want to just “live forever,” but wants to live past the point where men even think about “forever.”


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