The Rebel’s Dictionary

For inclusion in your Rebel’s Dictionary:
Fresh Thinking:  Random thought, under control.

Just because it’s impossible doesn’t mean anything – since there’s no such thing as a Rebel’s Dictionary either.  (Take that Life – and that, and that!  And Life said:  “I’ll take it – I’ll take it!”  Ahhh, good ole life.)  Sigh.



Vegetarian Dessert:
No one knows who the “King Of Disguises” is.



Then the kindly ole rabbi gave out with:
The Scriptual Basis for the Secondary World:  Words giveth, and words taketh away.



From the mail bag:

“Now that I understand what you mean by those terms you use, the primary gives me the willies, and the secondary scares me to death.  P.S. If I ever get to be a Revolutionist I bet I’ll thank you for this – right?!  Yours, Exceptionally.”


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