Routine Operations

Shaken, were the very foundations of the civilization, once it realized that the author of the planet’s leading book on “Dream Interpretations” never sleeps.



One man’s operations had a built-in alarm system – which seldom went off – but he said that was all right, since when the few times it did go off, he always felt that it went off too often.



And to save you time and money, etc.:

Unless you were already wearing “allegorical underwear,” the above had nothing to do with ANYTHING other than routine “operations” and ordinary “alarm systems” – (whatever the hell they might be.)



This question was just texted to me:  “When you said that, ‘Life can take a lot of crap,’ were you referring to ME?!”



A visiting observer of human life says:  “What I don’t understand, is how the use of clichés is accepted as evidence of insight and perception.”



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