A Gingerbread House

Since you can’t “live in it” – there’s no way to build a Gingerbread House wrong.



Later that decade, one of the Grimm Sisters fumed: “If that statement ACTUALLY has more to do with the nature of the secondary world than it does baking – I for one will not be surprised, but nonetheless, will be ‘put out.’”



The Baltic Minister of Bad Literature adds that anyone who understands all of this may leap from a tall mermaid, talk funny, and wait out eternity in a drafty ballroom.  (He further adds that it works for him and it might work for you.)



Men invented “One Way Streets” to try and compensate for the fact that they all seemed to be.  (That same Bad Lit Ambassador popped back in just long enough to say that – that’s what he just said – just in condensed form.)



And now for a Fairy Tale from a warmer clime:

There was once a man who was SO original that no one could even tell he existed.

The End.


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