Wombat Protocol

A lad asked his dad:  “Do things not alive actually exist?”
And the elder replied:  “There are quiescent areas of your own brain to which this question would be better put.”



And if you’re one of the ones going out of town this weekend, this Traveling Definition for you, (that also reminds you not to throw stuff out on the highway): 

A revolutionist is a person who laughs in everybody’s face, and no one knows it. 
He, in fact, doesn’t even tell himself.



An appointed spokesperson for tonight was forced – asked – to read this:
Many things fuel the secondary world, but they’re all the same thing, and none of them are what men think they are.  (Okay, you can let him go now.)



Life helps make up for the fear and uncertainty men have once they have functioning minds and realize that they don’t know what’s going on, by having their minds reassure one another that, “Yeah, I figure I pretty well ‘know-what’s-going-on.’”  (And of course, in private, they can all still go home, and wash out their mouths, fall on their knees, wring their hands and moan just like they wanted to in public with their friends.)



Wombat Protocol:

The mind is a secret weapon –
but one that can be kept TOO secret.



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