Keep Your Brain Runny

And courtesy of the crack Investigative Team here at the newsroom, we are able to bring you another report on the dreaded, “World Wide Conspiracy”:  “One of the more impressive secret factions in this movement consists of a group of men and women who each wear a different sweater with no number on it.  Yes friends – keep your EYE-E-E peeled.”’



And those good burgers honestly and sincerely tracking the conspiracy suddenly said:
“My brain feels runny.”



Many a hearty exploratory ship was launched from Gibraltar.  For many years, they were hurled from the top of the rock.  Then, in more modern times, they began sending them off from the harbor.  “Yes friends, keep your brain runny and EYE-E-E peeled.”



On a Saturday, when the offices weren’t officially open, a man in a suit showed up on City Hall steps and made the following announcement:  “Words are as counterfeit as are the lives men live in accordance therewith.” 
And a woman in a nice dress stopped long enough to ask:  “Exactly WHAT does that mean?”  And the gentleman bowed and replied:  “Madam, I’m sure I don’t know – I do not work here.”



Rhetorical Moral:

A proverb that won’t fly will crash and burn –
but who’s fault is that – the pilot’s,
or, your chintzy landing strips?!



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