Impossible History

More of “Torted and Neat, Though Impossible, History…(emphasis, maybe, on the ‘Impossible’)”:

The idea for masturbation came from the body watching a rebel’s mind pleasurably free itself WITH itself.



Two View-Patterns were yacking it up and one of them said:

“It strikes me that all of life’s really great people were also kinda weird.”

“Yuck-o!  What can we do about it?”

“I don’t know.”



At this year’s annual “Smart Guy’s Convention,” the lead speaker spoke these inspiring words:

“We, of superior intellect, yet ‘stand on the shoulders’ of the giants who have gone before us, and of course, we pea-brains have a similar past support network.”  (And meanwhile, next door, the History Conference threateningly muttered:  “Those guys better WATCH IT!”)



One man’s Operating Premise Regarding Everything:  If it can be compared – it sucks.
(And an unauthorized biographer unrequestedly adds:  “Coulda been a contender – coulda had a premise.”)



And for your continued “living benefit”:

Life can take a lot of crap.


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