Part of Being In is Wanting Out

From the mail bag:

“Trying to determine if this is all serious or not has proven to be…well…well more difficult than I’d imagined.” (As life curtsied and left this time, it stuck out its horrid little tongue in your direction.)



Noted for you one aspect of everyday life:

Part of “being in” is to say you “want out”. 

(I won’t bother to ask: “Can you dig it, for if you can, you wouldn’t reply anyway.”)



Over at the speaker’s area in the City park this morning was a chap handing out cards that read:  “Talk: the only form of energy that the monopolies haven’t yet figured out how to control and charge for.”



And that Top-Hatted Topographer from Additional Dimensions said:  “No matter how ferocious or voracious a snake may be, it will never eat its own tail.  Oh, not because it might not want to, (if it had secondary “wants”), but because primary needs do not permit it.”



Human speech:

That extraordinary, special bridge between the primary, and secondary world is rigorously protected as befits its singular status.


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