Being Your Own Rebel

History note from the Rock Pits & Slides:
Men invented “show business” when the food and sex had temporarily run out.



And a local culture said:  “Hey, you can’t talk like that!  My mother was in show business!”



Ole Mr. Efficiency noted:  “Being your own rebel can save you a lot of money – since no one is as entertaining as you are.”



In memory of his late, “darn-near, tardy,” grandfather, the Jolly Woodsman named the newly discovered tree: 

“Everybody dances,
And everybody bitches,
Except hermits – who just sit together along the wall and complain.”



While the repair man was trying to fix the Foosball Game at the Ole Sorebar’s Head – I mean, Sorehead’s Bar – one of the ole regulars told the waitress as she cleaned the table:  “An intellectual with a degree is like a truck driver with a license…but no truck.”  They all thought that was pret-tee funny, until the guy working on the machine raised up his head and said, “You can’t talk like that – my mother used to be a truck.”


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