When this one kid got too old, (or maybe that’s too “big”), for gifts of corduroy knickers, or mis-matched jigsaw puzzles; to himself he handed over the following notion:  “It may turn out that life is just a game of Tag – and we’re all ‘it’ – and if I be correct, the neatest aspect is how there’s really no place to hide.”

And then, we have the Revolutionist –
who can set up shop anywhere in the building.

And, A.R., (Another Reader) writes, T.N., (The News):

“Although my brother’s quit reading the Daily News, he says he still thinks you might be right about what you said about roaches causing stupidity. He says he doesn’t know how else to explain it.”

In the City; one man had severe “personal problems,” but no one noticed.  (Oh, they noticed all right!  They just didn’t blinkin’ CARE!)

As it bowed and departed, the City passed out cards with its private home number on them.


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