Now stepping center stage:

“There is a great deal of difference between a particular dog’s natural disposition, and a man’s overall emotional moods.” 

(Then, bowing, continued:  “And now for my next joke…”)

Another “Neural Myth”:

There is a group of beings somewhere who believe that there is a strange creature, which, if you kill it, not only returns to life, but returns in duplicate.

In considering his relationship to the affairs of ordinary life, one man thought: “My shallowness is matched only by my capacity to become even more shallow.”

And a correspondent writes:

     “Although, (just for an instant), I did like that last one, what I do not like is when you do a good one like that, but just say that ‘a man’ thought it, instead of ‘a rebel’ did.  Are we supposed to recognize the distinction for ourselves – or, oh my god, it just hit me!  Is it going to finally reach a point where it shouldn’t matter to us whether you say ‘a man’ thought something in particular, or whether ‘a revolutionist’ did?!  Wow and Gad-Zooks!  The more I think about it along these lines, the happier I am that I decided to write you about it.  What a Wowie, Gad-Zooks good time and concidence.” 

     A friend.”

There’s one ole sorehead who comforts himself with the consolation: “It don’t cost one bit more to be alive and be pissed, than it does just to be alive.”


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