Life’s Secrets

A factional force controlling one neighborhood in the city told all under its hand:
“You should all be tolerant and respectful of other men’s feelings and beliefs, unless the other men are someone other than yourself.”

Everyone enjoys being pushed around by an uncle…or a grandmother…or some other hormonally connected hit-man. 

And a loud voice injected itself right here and announced:  “Even plain-wrapped idiots who might disagree with this ‘Fact’ will still get up and dance that weird Boog-a-loo whenever the reed section begins to sing, ‘Oh you can’t get away from DNA; Oh you can’t get away unless you WANT-T-T to.’”

Our mailman makes this request:

“Please do not write to here and say that you ‘don’t understand’ some particular news item.  If your motivation is the fact that you don’t understand it!  Please, ladies and gentle – please, do not.  Thank you.”

The ole city Wise-man-in-the-park, pulled his blankets a wee bit tighter around him and said: “Life has hidden many secrets – but it didn’t hide ‘em REAL hard.”

Interesting Aspect of Prevailing Socio-Politico Dynamics:

Kings only award pensions to DEAD satirists.


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