Up To Speed

Just before the salad, a young girl sitting left of the king said:
“Though my mind is my own – my ass belongs to daddy.”

And the Duchess noted:
“Aren’t children sweet at that age – when they don’t know anything?”

And the Baron next to her, (as he reached for the salt), asked:
“And at what age is that, My Lady?”

And she replied:  “Well…well…well…you know.”

The people in the basement decided:  “Let us enjoy the baser pleasures while we may!  For who knows what uncertainties the installation of elevators may bring.”

One man says that while he was out foolin’ around in his backyard, he “thinks” he may have slipped and fell in the septic tank.  (But he says the way his mind’s been going lately – it’s really hard to be sure.)

Another “Good News Example of Civilization Being, ‘Up to Speed (by god)’ and then some”:  Instead of a dictionary, one man began to consult the yellow pages.

A man asked his garage:  “What I don’t understand is how can almost EVERY thing can be contagious except intelligence?!”


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